Developing an AI Voice Chat Bot Using ChatGPT

November 24, 2023 19:00

🚀 Greetings from Zyfera! We are thrilled to announce our upcoming webinar focused on the cutting-edge world of AI applications. Join us as we embark on creating a state-of-the-art voice chatbot, showcasing the integration of advanced AI technologies. Here's what we have in store for you:

🎙️ Speech-to-Text (STT): Employing speech recognition libraries to transform spoken words into text.

🤖 ChatGPT & Langchain Integration: Utilizing Langchain for effective communication with the ChatGPT API, boosting our chatbot's conversational prowess.

🔊 Text-to-Speech (TTS) with Amazon Polly: Converting chatbot responses into lifelike, natural speech.

Our aim is to develop a chatbot capable of conducting voice-based conversations, pushing the boundaries of AI communication technology.

This webinar is an excellent opportunity for tech enthusiasts and experienced developers alike to explore and learn about the latest AI technologies.

🗓️ Date: November 24, 2023
⏰ Time: 19:00 GMT, 20:00 CET, 14:00 EST, 11:00 PST

Don't miss this unique opportunity brought to you by Zyfera. Join us to learn, innovate, and create in the realm of AI and voice technology!