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WebDroid: AI Assistant for Websites


WebDroid is a cutting-edge solution designed to transform customer service through AI-powered chatbots. Developed to enhance engagement and streamline support, it seamlessly integrates with business platforms to deliver real-time, efficient customer interactions.

Technology Stack

  • Programming Languages:
    • Python
    • Typescript
    • Javascript
  • AWS Services:
    • CDK
    • Lambda
    • DynamoDB
    • S3
    • API Gateway
    • SQS
    • RDS
  • NLP and AI:
    • LangChain
    • pgvector
    • ChatGPT
  • Frontend:
    • Svelte
    • SvelteKit
    • Postgres
    • Vercel


Implementing WebDroid led to a remarkable improvement in customer satisfaction rates and a significant reduction in response times. Businesses experienced a 40% increase in engagement, alongside a noticeable boost in sales conversion rates, showcasing the platform's impact on operational efficiency and profitability.